what time will Instacart start trading can you list them out

Instacart, a grocery delivery app, began trading on the Nasdaq in the United States, opening at $42 per share. The IPO price was $30 per share, valuing Instacart at roughly $10 billion12.

The exact time of Instacart’s trading debut is unknown, but it is common for stock exchanges to start at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET). Stock prices are subject to change throughout the trading day, so it is recommended to consult a reliable financial source for real-time updates.

How can I buy shares of Instacart?

To purchase Instacart shares, you must first open a brokerage account, investigate the company’s finances, come up with an investing plan, make an order, and keep track of your investment. Do your homework on the company’s history, future growth possibilities, and potential hazards before investing.

You may place an order to acquire Instacart stock after setting up your brokerage account and deciding on your investing objectives. It’s critical to keep an eye on your investment and to follow any company-related news or developments.

Retail investors may need to be patient since IPO stocks like Instacart typically go to institutions and high-net-worth individuals first. Before making any investment decisions, get the advice of a financial professional or do an in-depth study.

How much does it cost to buy Instacart stock?

The trading day price of Insta-cart changes depending on the state of the market and investor demand. It started trading on the Nasdaq at $42 per share as of the most recent data, but it’s critical to use trustworthy sources for real-time stock quotations.

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How can I sell my Instacart stock?

The general steps to selling your Insta-cart stock are as follows:

  • Getting to your brokerage account Access your brokerage account via which you bought the Insta-cart shares.
  • To access the trading page, click here. You may manage your investments by going to the trading page or area of your brokerage account.
  • Choose the Insta-cart product: Look for the Insta-cart stock using the ticker symbol “CART” or in your portfolio.
  • Once you’ve decided to purchase Insta-cart stock, search for the opportunity to sell or exchange it.
  • Indicate the number: Choose how many shares you wish to sell. You might be able to choose to sell all or some of your shares.
  • Decide on the order type: Select the market order or limit order order type when selling your shares.
  • Examine and affirm: Before finalizing the transaction, check your sell order’s specifics—including the number of shares and order type—again.
  • Send the sell order in When all of the information is to your satisfaction, place the sell order online using your brokerage account.
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