Free Newspaper Fonts All Designers Must Have

free newspaper fonts might be hard to find and may not be the ideal choice for the project. You can utilize several great free typefaces if you investigate sufficiently. It takes time and effort to discover the greatest newspaper typefaces; therefore, here is a list. We researched so you may download and use these free fonts. Some require your email address, but that’s all it takes to use these newspaper typefaces. Serif and sans-serif typefaces are used.

This blog offers free newspaper fonts and typefaces that all designers should utilize. Look at them.

No 01. Emberly Fonts Free:

Emberly Download Free

This typeface seems current and vintage. Rajesh Rajput designed this Didone-inspired display typeface. Headlines look great with Emberly, a changeable font.

No 02. Grenze font:

Grenze font

Renata Polastri and Omnibus-Type designed Grenze as a magazine typeface, but it can also be used for more. The typeface is based on blackletter and Roman styles.

No 03. The Public Sans:

The Public Sans font

This US Web Design System typeface draws inspiration from Libre Franklin. A free, open-source Public Sans font may be used easily for interfaces, headlines, and text. This typeface is modest and healthy, with few peculiarities. Due to these considerations, Public Sans may suit you.

No 04. Cormorant Fonts:

The most elegant and formal free font is Cormorant. Christian Thalmann created it from Catharsis fonts. Cormorant, inspired by 16th-century fonts like Claude Garamont, is not a derivative.

Cormorant font

Most glyphs were created from scratch. It balances expressiveness and formality beautifully. Five weights and nine visual styles are contained in 45 font files.

No 05. Chivo:

Chivo font

Chivo is perfect for compelling headlines and other page elements. Grotesque, graceful, and confident. Chivo comes in four weights and italics. Hector Gatti and the Omnibus-Type Team created this free typeface.

No 06. Alegreya:

Alegreya stands out among special-purpose typefaces. This award-winning typeface is by Argentine designer Juan Pablo del Peral.

Alegreya font

We designed the typeface specifically for book design. Its diverse and dynamic pace promotes extended text comprehension. Alegreya reinvents calligraphy.
Web of Titillium

No 07. Titillium Web:

The type design project at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino in Italy gave rise to Titillium Web. This typeface is modern and crisp.

Titillium Web font

Also, it has several weights. When used carefully as a body font, Titillium Web performs well at larger sizes.

No 08. Liberty Serif:

Liberty Serif font

Your projects will look nice using Libertinus Serif. It includes 14 styles and a classic design. This typeface is a fork of Linux Biolinum and Linux Libertine. Libertinus serif typeface, licensed under the SIL Open License, fixes these designs’ flaws.

No 09. Noto Sans:

Google-designed Noto Sans supports 800 languages, 100 writing systems, and thousands of characters.

Noto Sans font

It is a free font family with stroke thickness and suitable heights to work across languages. The font family includes regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. Noto Sans’ sibling family is Noto Serif.

No 10. Clear Sans:

Clear Sans font

Intel created this multipurpose typeface. It specifically considers screen legibility. The clear sans typeface is free and contains small, thin letters. This makes Clear Sans ideal for UI design, large paragraphs, and short labels.

No 11. Almagro:

Almagro font 1

Fabio Servolo introduced this typeface to designers. The all-caps, serif Amagro typeface is ideal for newspaper headlines. The numbers are clear. This typeface is ideal for intriguing designs.

No 12. Grotesk archive:

Grotesk archive font

Tomas Clarkson produced Archive Grotesk, a simple, free typeface. The font’s basic design is appealing for headlines and periodicals. This typeface has lowercase, uppercase, and numbers.

No 13. Free Baskerville:

This web font works well in 16-px body text. These typefaces started with Baskerville by the American Type Founder in 1941.

Free Baskerville font

However, Libre Baskerville has less contrast, larger counters, and a higher x-height. These qualities make it good for screen reading. Impallari Type leads this open-source project.

No 14. Chomsky:

The Font Space website offers Chomsky typeface for free. The intention behind this typeface is not to mimic the NYT masthead design. However, the larger stem size may indicate flowing text.

Chomsky font

This typeface works for graduation certificates, newspaper mastheads, and more. The TTF format makes this font easier to use with different publications. Though the stem style is thick, the typefaces resemble calligraphic and have different stem widths.

No 15. Latin Modern Roman:

The FontsC website offers Latin contemporary Roman newspaper fonts. It resembles Times New Roman, an outdated but popular newspaper typeface. Latin contemporary Roman has several stem diameters, but the early capital stem is thick.

Latin Modern Roman font

Newspaper headlines, subheadlines, titles, and body content can all use these typefaces. Tabloids can utilize these readable typefaces extensively. Latin modern Roman may be downloaded for free without a website login using this link. Newspaper projects can utilize fonts in TTF format.

No 16. Old newspapers:

Manfred Klein designed old newspaper fonts. This damaged ink font looks old. They seem to have wobbly handwriting, making them intriguing typefaces. Old newspapers, ads, and other materials can utilize these typefaces. Latin is supported in old newspapers.

Old newspapers font

It comprises all Latin alphabets and characters for newspaper and tabloid applications. The URL here provides free typefaces for personal, professional, and commercial usage. You can get fonts from the website without registering. Many projects can utilize fonts in TTF format.

No 17. Newsflash BB:

Block title font Newsflash BB resembles comic book typefaces. Newspaper titles that capture readers’ attention can utilize these typefaces, as can superhero comics. It is Blambot’s first free, open-type typeface. The purpose of fonts with large letters is to stand out and attract readers. It is readable and well-structured.

Newsflash BB fonts

The 104-character set excludes lowercase letters. Your customized projects can accentuate titles and draw attention with typefaces. This site lets you download the fonts. You may also use the typeface without registering on the website.

No 18. Abril Fatface:

The Abril font family has a smaller font face called Fatface. It has 18 display and text styles. We revive classic Didone typefaces for the titles. Their neutrality and great presentation draw the reader in. It features a measured curve tension and attractive color contrast.

Abril Fatface font

The highly skewed lettering of 19th-century British and French posters inspired these typefaces. They give any headline beauty with their narrow serif and elegant contours. It supports 50 languages, including Central and Northern European ones, with its enlarged character set. Google Fonts offers these fonts for free without any trouble. To access the typefaces, go here.

No 19. Rozha One:

Open-source, high-contrast typeface, Rozha one. Interestingly, it supports Latin and Devnagri scripts. The font’s thick and thin strokes differ greatly. Headlines, titles, tag lines, and poster typefaces suit this font style. Indian Type released the typeface in 2014. Tim Donaldson and Jyotish Sonowal developed Devnagri typefaces.

Rozha One font

Shiva Nallaperulam developed Latin characters. Modern or Didone-style Latin script characters have chubby faces. This resembles 19th-century character sets. Rozha One hardly distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase character set sizes. The typefaces support Devnagri conjuncts and ligatures with 1095 glyphs. Use this link to obtain this font for free from the website.

No 20. The Franklin Gothic:

The US produced these typefaces in the early 20th century. American Type Founders’ Morris Fuller Benton created Franklin Gothic. Here, “Gothic” denotes sans serif. Advertisements, tabloid and newspaper titles, and headlines employ these typefaces. Franklin Gothic is well-known and appears in books, articles, periodicals, tabloids, posters, and more. It appears to support several global languages with its wide character set.

The Franklin Gothic

Afrikaans, Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Icelandic, Swedish, and others. Bold upper- and lower-case letters are included. Use these typefaces to highlight titles, taglines, subtitles, and other print media. Download the fonts from our page. The website doesn’t require authentication to get the font, making it easy.

Conclusion: free newspaper fonts

In conclusion, designers require diverse typefaces for their professional and commercial tasks. Fonts come in so many varieties that choosing one might be difficult. However, you should know which typefaces work best for each newspaper section.This also applies to tabloids. This site contains links to all popular newspaper fonts for free download.

Do you seek out free newspaper fonts? Tell me in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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