Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ships? Everything You Need To Know

Do Cruise Ships Have Walkie Talkies? All the Information You Require

It might be wonderful to go on Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ships with your family or a big group of friends, but it can be difficult to stay in contact with them or even locate them on board. Given the high cost of cruise ship Wi-Fi and the possible enormous expense of using your mobile phone while on board, you may be considering other possibilities, such as two-way radios, or walkie-talkies as they are more often known. Now let’s get to the main query: are walkie talkies compatible with cruise ships?

In a nutshell, walkie-talkies are functional aboard cruise ships. But be advised that they are no longer permitted to be used on board by one major cruise carrier. Let’s examine in-depth the reasons why you ought to think about bringing walkie talkies on your upcoming cruise, but more on that later.

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When on a cruise, walkie talkies are an excellent means of communication.

The most important point to remember is that the physical design of the ship may restrict the walkie-talkies’ efficacy. The combination of all that concrete, steel, and metal ruins radio signals.

You also need to make sure that the walkie-talkie you have picked is legal to use on board and that the radio frequencies you are utilizing are authorized. You should be on the lookout for the Family Radio Service (FRS), which designates the spectrum of frequencies that are often allowed for personal usage. Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ships.

Before depending on walkie-talkies throughout your cruise holiday, there are a few things you should consider and potential restrictions to be aware of, which we’ll cover in this post.

Walkie talkies do function on cruise ships, however, they might not cover the whole vessel.

UHF radios are used by walkie talkies to send and receive signals. You may hear people refer to these as GMRS or FRS walkie-talkies.

You must pick your model carefully though, as cruise ships’ steel structures effectively block or interfere with these signals. A lot of the inexpensive walkie talkies on the market just won’t have enough power to function, particularly inside the ship.

Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ships Everything You Need To Know

Walkie talkies can nevertheless be somewhat helpful despite this drawback. Cruise ship walkie talkies, for example, are in handy when you’re on the open deck and need to stay in contact with big groups of people or pals. However, depending on the type, the efficiency of these gadgets may be greatly diminished when you go indoors or over several decks.

On a cruise ship, what kind of walkie-talkies are used by the crew for communication?

This is usually when you’re thinking. However, what about the crew members? On board, they have walkie talkies. Is it possible for us to utilize comparable models? Crew members, speak with each other using a certain kind of walkie talkie. These high-end gadgets are made especially for the ship’s surroundings and are not like the ones that are offered to passengers. They will provide a great selection, even for the biggest cruise ships.

Terminology for two-way radio

Make sure the walkie talkie you chose for your cruise ship holiday works on the frequencies that are allowed—the “Family Radio Service” (FRS)—as this does not require a license. Additionally, as various legislation may apply in the countries you visit, familiarize yourself with their rules.

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Therefore, even while walkie talkies may be a helpful tool for communication on cruise ships, their effectiveness might vary according to the device’s quality and where you are on the ship.

The Top 5 Cruise Ship Walkie Talkies of 2024

You may have been waiting for this ideal cruise ship experience to come true. And at last, the long wait to enjoy life at sea and sail away from a busy, boisterous terrestrial environment is nearly over.

In addition to providing you with much-needed alone time, it’s a good method to disconnect from electronics. This will then show how ready you are for an experience like this. And having a useful walkie talkie inside a cruise ship’s confines is the best way to be ready.

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It might not be as easy to choose and pick a walkie talkie as it would seem to merely buy one. To obtain the walkie talkie that you will need on the opulent cruise ship, you must be prepared with the appropriate knowledge. One is to be aware of these crucial points: You must first decide what you hope to accomplish with the walkie talkie.

his would assist you in identifying the precise elements you would like to see in your communication concept. Secondly, it is important to acknowledge that diverse recipients possess unique roles and unique services to achieve certain objectives.

You don’t need to worry too much about that area, though, since we’ve got you covered and have compiled a list of the top 7 walkie talkies you can carry on a cruise ship.

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The top 5 Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ships.

One: T200 Motorola

Motorola has a long history of being regarded as a reliable brand in terms of dependability and communication. And this Motorola T200 is the best option for you if you want a sturdy and dependable walkie talkie with you at all times. A triple AA battery will last more than 29 hours in addition to the maximum 12-hour runtime of the Motorola T200’s NiMH battery. This indicates that using this two-way radio set for the entire day is the best option.

T200 Motorola

Additionally, it is equipped with an EcoSmart that will let you to use less power while it is turned on and not in use. T200 also features 22 channels that are exclusive to use among family and friends, as well as 121 privacy codes. You can allocate buddies based on your preference from a selection of twenty different tones.

Its 20-mile range makes it suitable for trips involving several generations. You might be able to connect wirelessly anywhere in the FRS/GMRS range thanks to this. Not to mention, the illuminated LCD is another excellent feature. It is available for use day or night.

Two: T400 Motorolas

Have you ever desired a dependable and visually pleasing walkie talkie? You’re going to love this Motorola T400 walkie talkie in yellow and black. An LED light is included in the T400, which is useful in emergencies like blackouts. Its audio performance is particularly notable for being loud and clear, which makes it easy to communicate in any noisy setting. The Motorola model’s greatest feature is that it comes in four distinct variants. The Emergency, Active, Preparedness, Family, and Hunting models are available.

T400 Motorolas

It is preferable to use the Family model while utilizing this on a cruise; it is ideal for interacting with your loved ones. The Motorola T400 boasts an impressive feature set, including a waterproof build. In addition to this, it incorporates a dustproof silent talk interruption filter. With this Motorola model, you have eleven options for audible tones. This one allows you to utilize the FRS/GMRS frequency with a privacy code and channel.

Three: GXT1000VP4 Midland

To survive in a survival mode, one has to have the appropriate tools, and the Midland GXT1000VP4 has demonstrated this. On a cruise, this Midland walkie talkie is perfect for you. For those who would want a safe experience, this is fantastic. On a cruise ship, the GXT1000VP4 is stocked with practical equipment that you can depend on in case of emergency. It is made with a sturdy construction that projects a strong sense of survival.

GXT1000VP4 Midland

It allows for easy communication within the confines of the cruise ship because to its vast 36-mile communication range. To protect privacy, it has 142 privacy codes and 50 channels. In the event of any altercations throughout your voyage, it is furthermore waterproof. The NOAA scan feature, which aids in receiving weather updates and emergency alerts, is also pleasant.

Four: Baofeng BF-888S

The Baofeng BF-888S in pitch black gives off an air of toughness and durability. It is doubtful that the walkie talkie has a keypad, thus you will also notice its absence. On the left side of the gadget, two orange buttons provide you with security rather than being completely absent.

BF 888S

Additionally, the PTT switch—also known as the monitor button—is located above these locking buttons. The integrated LED flashlight’s function and power buttons are located on the lower orange button. When used regularly, the Baofeng BF-888S has a battery life of 10 hours, and charging takes no longer than 4 hours.

Five: Cobra RX680

Those who base their maritime excursions on their experiences will find this walkie talkie to be durable and suitable. The Cobra RX680 is waterproof and made especially for usage in the sea. This one, though, isn’t meant for usage on land.

Cobra RX680

Depending on the frequencies and range, the RX680 has six, three, or one power options to assist you manage your total power consumption. You may use its lithium-ion rechargeable battery for fourteen hours. Without consulting the user manual, you may still utilize the buttons. For those who would rather use the radio hands-free, a microphone is also included.

How to Pick the Best Cruise Ship Walkie-Talkie

No matter whatever cruise ship you are on, all you have to think about is the expansive area you will be seeing. Additionally, picking out walkie talkies is essential since you need to use them effectively. It is important to remember that the ideal walkie talkie for a cruise ship lets you talk uninterrupted while exploring the area. In addition, you need to think about a few other things:


Most walkie talkies have enough range to reach all cruise ships, big and small. On a ship, however, there are several obstacles. As a result, you should get a long-range device so that you can communicate effectively in any situation.

Privacy Codes and Channels

Generally, one would not want strangers to listen in when they are speaking with friends or relatives. On the other hand, anyone with the same channel set can listen while using walkie talkies. There are a lot of passengers in a limited space on a cruise ship.

Therefore, many walkie talkies on board may be using the same channel set. Privacy codes can help prevent this. Numerous subchannels are created when privacy codes and channels are combined. This significantly reduces the possibility that random users may tune into your talks on the same channel.

Programming Frequency

It’s also crucial to remember that a programmed walkie talkie can assist you in abiding by the law. It ought to be configured so that the transmit frequency range is constantly contained. You should be aware of the frequency requirements of any foreign ports that your cruise may visit.

Walkie talkies are frequently used by cruise ship staff members. Your gadgets need to function there as well. However, you ought to avoid using the same channels as them.

Is using a walkie-talkie aboard a cruise ship legal?

Depending on where you are at the moment, the answer is probably yes. You must, however, adhere to the fundamental specifications. A 10-mile coverage range, around 5 watts of power, operated transmission, an internal voice, and the absence of an external mounting antenna are a few of these fundamental specifications.

Is using a walkie talkie aboard a cruise ship legal

Although there are some convoluted restrictions governing the use of different types of radio equipment aboard cruise ships, FRS (or PMR446) radios are not anything I would personally worry about. Only in the United States (or the European Union for PMR446) are the frequencies utilized by the devices designated for this kind of informal, unlicensed use.

What is the range of walkie talkies on cruise ships?

You must select between Personal Mobile Radios (PMR446) in the EU and Family Radio Service (FRS) radios in the US while using unlicensed walkie talkies. Although the two products have similar concepts, they are incompatible and operate on distinct frequencies.

The cruise ship’s walkie talkies don’t guarantee that they can reach every location within for Because cruise ships are large and intricate, there are more obstacles within. The walkie-talkies’ signal may be obstructed by the ship’s facilities and the thousands of passengers on board.

The Top 5 Cruise Ship Walkie Talkies

Conclusion: The Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies For Cruise Ships

Given all that has been said so far, a cruise ship must be equipped with a convenient walkie talkie. When there are no reliable indications during a crucial circumstance, this is the go-to tool. Additionally, you must know what features you require and want before making that immediate purchase. Keep yourself informed about any rules or limitations related to owning a walkie-talkie.

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