Graphic Designer Job Circular 2024

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop production designs and layouts for advertisements, magazines, banners, products, brochures, and other promotional materials.
  • Design graphics tailored to specific promotional and commercial needs, including logos, packaging, displays, and digital/printable products.
  • Determine how images and text integrate into specific layouts and sizes.
  • Collaborate with copywriters to design and create text elements.
  • Create infographics to simplify complex ideas and make them more accessible.
  • Test graphics across various media platforms to ensure optimal display.
  • Communicate design concepts to clients before incorporating them into revised designs.
  • Revise designs based on client feedback and preferences.
  • Scan final graphic designs for typos and errors prior to publishing.
  • Stay updated with the latest tools and technologies in the field.

Part-Time Workplace:

Office-based in Bangladesh

Educational Requirements:


Additional Requirements:

Age: 20 to 35 years.
Both males and females are allowed to apply.

Salary: $500 Per Month, 8 hours per day

Job Source:

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